Configure a personalised Network card on VmWare fusion.

One thing that has become more simpler with VMware.

The Network Creation.

The new VMware fusion PRO permits to create in a more easy way extra network cards.

This can be very useful if we need extra layers for our network and to build a LAB for whatever purpose that we need.

First of all we need to go to VMware Fusion menu and choose preferences.

VMware PreferencesThen choose network menu.

It will open a window similar to the following.

VMware Network Menu


On the lower left we can unlock the padlock  to make changes and then press the plus sign on top of the padlock that will become available.

VMware New Network Interface

A new network will be created in this case is the vmnet3 and we can choose the IP address and the subnet.

We can also choose what is the type of if the interface that we want. The options are:

  1. Private network (Isolated from the MAC)
  2. Nat (Shared with the physical interface and hidden from outside)
  3. Shared with the host.  (permits access to host resources)

This is a very important diference from the normal VMware Fusion if we want to build a multilayer Lab.

Video here:

Configure a Custom network card in VMware Fusion PRO.